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Personal trainer and pilates instructor Ilana Milstein of No Xcuses Training combines both teachings to create a core-focused total body workout with no equipment needed, perfect for those traveling or on-the-go. Currently studying to be a health coach at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Milstein is ACE-certified as well as a wife, mom of three and marathon runner.

Ilana says, “I pursued this because it was a combination of love of connecting with people on a one-on-one basis and passion for exercise – I love how it made me feel and wanted to help others reach their fitness goals. I am not a boot camp instructor. I do not want to push you beyond your capacity. I want you to love your body and appreciate it for all it does. I want you to look forward to exercise and feel good after. I don’t aim for a certain body type or certain goals. I just want my clients to feel good in their own skin.”

Photo: Michelle Rose Photo (@michellerosephoto)

Ilana builds workout plans that target all body types and ages, and with background as a trainer dealing with injuries, she specializes in providing modifications or addressing pain/body issues.

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