From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand you suffer. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain how and why you suffer….

Anxiety it’s complicated!!

People see me as the outgoing confident girl, always up for a laugh with the larger than life personality but inside away from the camera flash lights, giggles, partying and humor. I am vulnerable and delicate…I suffer with anxiety.

Anxiety affects approximately 1 in 5 people every year and is one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children.

We all have everyday anxieties such as money worries, new job interviews or even social gatherings this is perfectly normal and can sometimes be useful, but anxiety disorders are a different kettle of fish.

Anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and Post Traumatic stress disorder can affect the persons day to day life in so many ways and in some cases prevent them from being able to complete basic tasks such as grocery shopping, socializing, forming relationships and many more things.


Anxiety disorders don’t only affect you mentally but also physically.

Anxiety has been proven to lead to diabetes, heart disease, substance abuse and depression. The good thing about anxiety is with the right help it can get better.

I myself suffer with a form of anxiety called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), this form of anxiety began after I was a victim of domestic violence.

The domestic violence was physical and mental, I lived my life on egg shells. I felt trapped numb, scared and helpless and at this point, I also began suffering with depression, I felt as though there was no way out.

I was regularly cheated on and physically and verbally attacked and then made to feel as though if was all my fault. This relationship came to an end after an incident occurred where I had to flee the house for help and the police was called, consequently the person involved at that time received a conviction for assault.

The after affects of this relationship has since made an impact on my mental health, I struggle forming relationships with new partners and my anxiety takes over when I try to arrange to go on dates, I will cancel numerous times and majority of the time I won’t turn up.

I can be on a night out with friends and start talking to someone and suddenly I start panicking and need to go home away from everyone and get in my bed, this is my safe zone, once I’m away and in bed I can start to relax again.

Certain things will trigger my anxiety attacks, anything to do with my son as I feel as though I worry about protecting him and secondly anything to do with men I am attracted to or want to date.

This is why amongst my friends I am notoriously know as the friend zoner, I put every guy in the friend zone as anything else triggers my anxiety off. When I have an anxiety attack I feel as though the whole world is watching me,my heart begins to race, my hands sweat I go light headed and dizzy, my whole body starts to shake, I can’t relax I pace up and down and begin overthinking everything… this is my personal experience with anxiety everyone reacts in different ways.

Having anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of and talking about this condition will help raise awareness, so many people suffer in silence. So how can you help or manage your anxiety? you can get counselling treatment to help (talking therapy) medication or hypnotherapy.

I have previously spoken to a counsellor and used hypnotherapy myself which I found helped me manage my anxiety so much better.

Anyone wanting any more info on Anxiety check out @MindCharity they have so much more information and details on all the forms of anxiety and how you can get help.

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