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Politics: From ISIS Strikes To The Latte Salute, Mainstream Media Need To Know Their Priorities (VIDEO)

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(Image courtesy of www.commdiginews.com)
(Image courtesy of www.commdiginews.com)

Fourty-eight hours after authorizing airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, President Barack Obama is at the center of another controversy, or is it?

Obama saluted a U.S. Marine as he was coming off a helicopter while holding a Starbucks coffee cup, has once again been unfairly targeted by the mainstream media for something other than his actions. One month ago, he was lambasted for wearing a taupe suit at a White House briefing—how dare this anti-American, Muslim socialist!—due to the invisible status quo of all Presidents being required to wear navy, grey, or black.

Executive dress codes and lattes aside, once again social media ignited the latest “controversy” that is really a non-issue aimed at Obama, as it is not only short-sighted, shows a complete lack of objectivity and substance.

With all due respect to whoever reads this, but do you really care about the Commander-in-Chief—or shall I say, Coffee-In-Chief—saluting a Marine?  God knows how the media would have reacted if he didn’t?

(Image courtesy of eonline.com)
(Image courtesy of eonline.com)

In a clearly blatant example of a racist media double standard the mainstream media needs to learn to be more objective and actually focus on actual news such as the number of American servicemen and women risking their lives overseas, the employment rate coming down, mid-term elections, instead of latte salutes and bending iPhones—or should I say Bend-ghazi.

As a civilian, The President is not required to salute military personnel, as this goes back to the end of World War II and President Eisenhower. The current tradition of saluting Marines was started by Reagan and would infamously be continued by George W. Bush’s “puppy salute”.

Based on this, why all the flak towards Obama?

There has never been a president more scrutinized, maligned and undermined than Obama, yet despite all of this has remained cool and above the right-wing’s relentless Koch Brothers-Tea Party echo chamber.  For all the money they spent in trying to defund ObamaCare, fueling birther conspiracies and the myth of Benghazi, the United States would be a much better place than it is today.

Right-wing media—specifically Fox News—has ravenously eaten this latest Obama controversy up and gone into overdrive in an effort to discredit Obama once more.

Piece of advice to Rupert Murdoch, you try to emphasize “Fair and Balanced” news, how about trying to actually report it first, instead of brainwashing the American public. Social media is jus as responsible as #lattesalute is trending big on both Twitter and Facebook and various memes have popped up bemoaning Obama’s latest “disrespect” towards America.

Bottom line is this, if the media can put as much energy in generating controversy for ratings and not report fact, then perhaps they need to reassess their own priorities, and not inflame one such as this.

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