Scoliosis is an annoying health concern that can happen to adults as well as children. For treating scoliosis in Las Vegas you must visit a spine specialist or an orthopaedic surgeon. Before we proceed to heal you learn the causes and symptoms of Scoliosis, it would be wise to understand what Scoliosis is all about.

Don’t be worried if you see the word Scoliosis on your health report or examination report. There is a cure and treatment for everything if it is detected at the right time. Thus, you must not ignore the symptoms and diagnosis for the same. Scoliosis is referred to as the unusual curve in your spine that gets severe if ignored.

Before you learn the risks of Scoliosis, it would be wise to know its causes. Scoliosisbegins at a mild stage. If left unnoticed or not diagnosed at the right time, it worsens with age. There are certain signs you must know so that you can treat the illness without delay.

Some common signs are:

  • Disrupted or uneven shoulders

  • Disrupted hips

  • Shapeless breasts or chest wall

  • Persistent back pain

  • Breathing issues

  • Getting shorter in height

  • Painful spine

Scoliosis can be of different types such as neuromuscular, congenital, idiopathic, and degenerative. It would be difficult to find the cause in the initial stages however; in the United States, 80% of cases are reported in children. In many cases, the curves can be asymptomatic and may occur in later stages of life.

Complications and risks of Scoliosis include:

  • Lower back pain that will become severe with time

  • Infection in the spine, especially post-surgery

  • Nerve damage or spinal surgery

  • Leakage from the spine of spinal fluid

  • Issues with breathing

  • Low self-esteem and slow movements

  • Height getting shorter

If the treatment is ignored for long, Scoliosis can worsen with age and time. The results will be changes in the physical as well as emotional state of mind. In severe cases, Scoliosis may also result in rotation of the spine leading to heart problems and lung problems.

Don’t worry; in most cases of Scoliosis the doctors advise no surgery but physical therapy. Only a small number of children undergo surgery. However, the patient is advised to do regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

For any other concerns related to Scoliosis, you may visit your nearest centre in Las Vegas or book an appointment online.

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