You may be working out for a few months but haven’t succeeded much as far as weight loss goals are concerned. Well, that may be because you are not going the right way or maybe you are just lagging behind in your workout. Here are a few surprising fitness tips, like one on one personal training, that help you shed more pounds, thereby, helping you reach your fitness goals.

  1. Burn fat, do not sweat it

Sweat signals the rising temperature of your body, rather than fat burn. So, if you sweat profusely during your workout, it does mean that you are working hard, but it certainly does not mean, you are burning oodles of fat. In fact, what indicates fat burn is your heart rate or RPE or rating of perceived exertion. The higher the heart rate, the more the fat burn. This is why any expert personal trainer north London will advise you to do HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training to do away with the excess fat in your body.

  1. Get off that elliptical trainer!

Fitness experts call this less effective because it makes use of momentum, instead of muscle force. Hence, users end up making less use of resistance. It is good for warming yourself up before a workout, especially a weight lifting workout, but, it does not really fair as a fat-burning machine.

  1. Go ‘Get-Up’

Haven’t heard of it right? Well, that is the reason it is a surprise. Fitness consultants say that ‘Get-up’ is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fitness. It is one of the most effective functional exercises that a human being can do, yet it is unknown to most fitness enthusiasts. It involves moving from a lying down position up to that of standing up and going back down again. This exercise is functional in the sense that it prepares your body for real-life situations. It integrates your joints and muscles in a single sequence, thus, increasing the strength, flexibility, and balance of your body.

  1. Run barefoot

Yes. You have surely invested in a good pair of running shoes before you started your fitness regime, which is okay. But, there are proponents of shoeless running who believe that wearing shoes while running inhibits the growth of foot, its flexibility and development. Running barefoot enhances the muscles of your foot and the functioning of your toes. Besides, it also decreases the likelihood of the occurrence of plantar fasciitis or Jogger’s heel, a health hazard faced by joggers. This has been found to be caused by over-controlling sports shoes. However, people who have always run wearing shoes, should not turn to barefoot running at once, as that could be an extreme change. Instead, consult your personal trainer north London regarding the matter.

  1. Yell when you workout

Researches have found that our voice has a considerable effect on our mind. Exercisers are, thus, asked to yell empowering affirmations while they jump, kick, lunge, punch, etc. For instance, they are asked to shout “I. Am. Strong. Now” when they punch. The objective behind this is to move the person into a state of focused awareness. The motivational chants enhance practitioners’ emotional strength, thus, improving their confidence and keeping them motivated throughout their workouts.

  1. Get quality, not quantity workout

Time is something that we all complain about. Well, the good news is that you do not really need too much time. What you need to focus on is quality workout, which has to be short, intense and sincere. When you have a time limit, you make every set count.

Try to adapt these tips into your workout regime, you will see the result in the mirror after a month!



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