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Fitness Focus! The Weight of Body Image

When you look in the mirror, how do you feel about what you see? The way you feel about yourself is important. Our beliefs are powerful, and they come to shape much of our experiences, including the way we experience ourselves. So, if our feelings about our appearance are negative, that makes us perceive ourselves as unattractive—and we carry ourselves like it. But ultimately, there’s nothing more attractive than confidence.
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What NOT to Do When Adopting the Keto Diet

Wellness regimes are quite in vogue these days, given the departure of dreary winter and the arrival of sparky summer. Nearly everyone wants to shed their December fat and get their bodies beach-ready, just in time for the vivacious trips in the sun. That is why they tend to search around the web for the perfect dietary session, which can help them lose weight, regain vigor and feel happy +
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Fitness Focus! Importance Of Nutrition Before, During And After Workout

Having the right diet and maintaining a good nutrition are as important as exercising. Although the ideal meal both before and after a workout depends on the type of exercise and individual goals, ingesting some key nutrients can allow you to maximise your performance, maintain energy, minimize injury and muscle damage, and promote recovery during and after a workout session. When planning your before and after workout meals, it is
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Fitness Focus! A Beginner’s Guide to Use of Steroids

The beginner steroid cycle involves the use of one or two steroid compounds for a given time duration. Beginner means someone has no experience of steroid use but understands it has its risks just like illicit substances and agrees to start the steroid cycle. If you wish to start a steroid cycle, ensure you do your research well, including the benefits, risks, and side effects involved before deciding. For beginners,
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8 Emerging Alternative Fitness Options for Injured Athletes

If you're an athlete, no doubt you're familiar with the disabled list (DL). Does being down for a few games necessarily need to equate to staying on the couch the whole time? Of course not! Even when you cannot perform at your peak, it's possible to get in a workout, and doing so may even decrease your overall recovery time. Some injuries, such as broken bones, do require rest time
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Fitness Focus! Q and A With Venezuelan Fitness Model and Actress, Luisana Zambrano

Looking for some fitness motivation to get you back into the gym and in shape? Welcome to Fitness Focus! INSCMagazine’s fitness and motivation feature column. GG! will feature some of today’s hottest Instagram and fitness models and trainers, in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and fitness motivation, with a touch of style, class, quality in-depth writing and eye-catching images. Venezuela. As we watch from afar the civil unrest that is unfolding
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Weight Loss and More – 5 Benefits of a Morning Run!

Running has become one of the most popular ways of exercising, with tens of millions of runners pounding the pavements right as we speak. Benefits of a good run go from weight loss to fighting depression, but why is it so special running in the morning? After you endure the struggles of getting up when it’s still pitch black outside, you may notice the myriad of positive changes not only
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11 Fantastic Health Tips For Women For A Great Body And Mind

In the age of woman empowerment, the definition of beauty has changed. It is no more restricted to physical appearance. Now a beautiful woman is the one who is having the perfect combination of a great body and mind, not to miss a beautiful soul. Women of this century are multi-talented and can do almost anything possible on this earth. To maintain a great body and mind, one should follow
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Fitness Focus! Why You Need To Do Your Research Before Taking CrazyBulk D-Bal Supplement

Training and exercising to build muscle can be very excruciating. Even after taking the right food and doing the right exercises, you might find that you are still not in the mood to perform your exercises. However, with an energizer such as CrazyBulk D-Bal, you will have an easy time during workouts. D-Bal is designed to increase your strength so that workouts can be bliss and your body is able