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6 Years Ago Madeleine McCann Disappeared, Yet Her Parents Still Haven’t Gone To Prison

It has been six years since three-year old Madeleine McCann disappeared while vacationing in Portugal with her parents Kate and Gerry and two two-year old twin siblings.  The three children were left alone while the two adults decided to go eat dinner at a nearby restaurant and on their only check of the night discovered that Madeleine was gone. Recently there has been new evidence that is now being investigated. That is of course good news
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Parenting: Do Your Skills Measure Up?

[caption id="attachment_11657" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Ryan McVay- Getty Images[/caption] It never ceases to amaze me how awful some parents are. You can see examples of this first hand just by going to a local grocery store and watching what goes on in the parking lot or in some cases don't have to even leave the neighborhood. Then there's the examples of  parents who are ignorant, discipline their children by public humiliation or those
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What Not to Say to a Single Mom

[caption id="attachment_11641" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Source- Larsen & Talbert[/caption] Becoming a single mom usually happens due to circumstance or by choice. Unfortunately this brings on a number of misunderstanding about family dynamics and regardless of marital status motherhood is hard. Single moms just may have a bit more difficulty when it comes to certain situations, though not for the stereotypical reasons. More often then not it's about making decisions and at
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Negligent Parenting: It’s Time To Get Tough

[caption id="attachment_10783" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Getty Images[/caption] Yesterday a five-year old boy shot and killed his two-year old sister with a rifle made specifically for youth by Crickett Firearms. He had received the weapon as a gift. While the death is certainly tragic, what's worse is that the shooting gets described as "accidental" There is no such thing. In this case the gun was left in a corner of the room where the child had easy access
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How To Co-Parent Effectively

When I left my ex, my daughter's father, I was preparing for a nasty court battle for child support and custody. Our reasons for parting ways wasn't due to our daughter. She did deserve parents who were happy. That decision was the right choice. Leaving on terms that we could both agree upon provided stability and a chance for my daughter to have a meaningful relationship with her father. I've known of several relationships where the child(ren) get used as